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About us

As long-time Consutants in the areas of organization and project management, we are convinced that we work goal orientation and we prioritize procedures to the success. We understand direct conversation as one of the major factors to be successful, therefore it is for us in foreground around the needs of the customers. We want to develop, transfer and reach the goals our customers.

Our Credo is: Consulting beyond your business distinctive competency -


We help our customers to differ from the competition.


This is the target and promise of our consulting. We stand for our Credo!

+41 62 752 7861


procurement services


cloud computing

As a practitioner for IT architecture, enterprise and integration architects we take over the implementation of the analysis of the...

With us your procurement project is in good hands.

We guide you step by step, from planning and preparation through evaluation...

The market environment evolves, driven by new customer needs or technological opportunities?...


Walkistrasse 41

CH-4658 Däniken

Telephone: +41 62 752 7861